Private podcasting

As the name suggests, a private podcasting is a podcast that isn’t readily available to the general public.With conventional podcasts, you want your episodes available online and in directories like Apple Podcast or Spotify. Whereas with a private podcast, you want to limit who has access to your content.

This also means your RSS feed isn’t listed anywhere online, across podcast directories. Only you know the URL and personally distribute it to a specified group of people.If you want to limit access to content, you should consider creating a private podcast. There are a lot of common uses for password protected podcasts, here are the most popular scenarios:

Corporate training courses: used within employee onboarding sessions, company-wide continuing education courses, sales enablement, or complement text or video trainings.Company-wide communications: used to distribute C-suite messages or regular company updates that are more personal than company-wide emails.

Premium content subscriptions: used to create special podcast content for select subset of listeners.Podcast content for Membership sites: Connect your existing membership site to your Castos account to automatically provide members with exclusive podcast content.

Anytime you have episodes that are only meant for a certain subset of your audience, private podcasting will allow you to restrict access and distribute the content as you see fit

How To Launch A Private Internal Podcast For Your Company
If your company wants to create a corporate podcast that is only for internal use then restricting access to that content is vitally important. With this restriction in place, your podcast team can feel more comfortable with sharing sensitive company information, knowing that only authorized individuals have access.

Let’s walk through the steps necessary to create your company’s internal private podcast:
Any type of podcasting requires some good forethought before turning the mic on for the first time. It’s always best to outline two areas of your show before getting started:

What is the goal of your podcast and who is it for?
What will the first 10 episodes be about?

Answering these two questions in detail and agreeing on these points with your internal podcasting team will ensure that your show gets off to a good start in terms of alignment with corporate objectives.

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