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For a smart groom-to-be doing his homework 求婚戒指 before buying his fiancée a diamond ring, it is not enough to just know about the four Cs of diamonds (cut, color, clarity and carats); he must also know how to choose from the different diamond styles, cuts and settings.

One of the most popular styles that are on the market is the round brilliant, which is one of the earliest cut developed. With modern technology, the cut now relies on precise mathematical equations to create a stone with fire and brilliance. This is something that the earliest gem cutters could only dreamed of.

If the bride is looking for something unique, there are of course many other cuts to choose from. She can choose a pear-shaped, (which is wider at one end than the other), an oval-shaped, emerald-shaped or heart-shaped diamond. Besides these cuts, there are also those unique faceting diamonds such as the princess-cut square diamond.

Some cuts like the elongated Ashoka diamond or the Asprey & Garrard Eternal cut diamond are patented. There are other branded and patented cut includes the Elara, Asscher and Couples diamonds. Elara is a square-cut diamond with rounded corners while Asscher is a square diamond with rounded facets (which gives an unusual complexity to the diamond). The Couples diamond is faceted to reveal either a circle of hearts or arrows inside, precious cutting is required for the image to appear.

The price of a diamond increases exponentially with its carat weight. Given equal qualities in other areas, a two-carat diamond costs more than twice as much as a one-carat diamond. A one-carat diamond also costs much more than ten ten-point diamonds.

A way to enhance a ring is to have embellishments such as baguettes or trillions. A baguette is a small emerald-shaped diamond and a trillion is a triangle-shaped diamond. They can be placed on either side of the main stones to enhance to the center stone.

Looking around for inspiration for your proposal?

Many men fret about how to propose to their other half to be, agonizing about how to pop the question. Do I put the ring into the chocolate pudding, hoping she would find it? What if she chokes on it? This scenario is just one of the many things going through a proposer-to-be’s mind while he visualizes his plan. Hopefully, the following 5 proposal ideas will help guys out there find the courage and inspiration to follow through and execute the perfect proposal!

  1. Bring her the places you went during your first date, (but remain smooth and suave this time). At the end of the date, get down on your knee and whip out the diamond ring!
  2. For those who can afford it, bring her to an exotic island or country. During an especially romantic moment(e.g. looking at the scenery at the top of the hill, or dining in a fine romantic restaurant), flash the bling.
  3. Decorate her room with roses or her favourite flowers. When she comes home, play a string of romantic songs and dance with her. Let the last song be the song that you and her acknowledge as ‘our song’ before flashing the engagement ring, whispering the words..
  4. Be sneaky. Collaborate with her parents or relatives to throw a surprise birthday party for her. She will be expecting a birthday surprise but not a proposal! And when the candles on the cake are lit and she closes her eyes to make a wish, whip out the diamond ring and place it in front of her. When she opens her eyes, pop the question!
  5. Get a remote controlled helicopter and tie the proposal ring to it. Take her to the park and when she is snacking on the picnic basket, whip out the remote control, direct the helicopter to her and pop the question.

The planning process for your proposal depends a lot on your budget to begin with. So start planning now and try to make it as special as possible. It’s not easy to come up with something romantic, yet unique for her, but as long as you have shown enough sincerity in your proposal, any plan would have touched her heart even with the simplest gesture and proposal with everything that was done genuinely out of love.

Before you start looking at diamond rings you need to ask your loved one to marry you. You want your partner to remember this day forever, the moment that you finally propose, so you need to think about how your proposal will really stand out. Whether you choose to be romantic, make it an extreme experience or go for something more traditional, there really are no limitations, you just need to be creative.

All women like to be romanced and nothing is more romantic than a marriage proposal. The trick is to make yours stand out so she will remember it forever. Romance is often associated with old fashioned ideals, so getting down on one knee to propose and having a well rehearsed speech will certainly impress her. The traditional approach of asking her father’s permission is a lovely touch too. Why not present her with a large bunch of long stemmed red roses with the ring carefully nestled inside, or take her to a special restaurant and propose over dinner. It’s not an original idea but it is certainly romantic.

If you are the adventurous type then planning a proposal that involves an extreme element will certainly stand out. If she’s game take her for a sky dive, and when she reaches the ground you can present her with the ring. Take her scuba diving and have a written note, which you have waterproofed beforehand, and hold the sign up to her while you are underwater. Perhaps you could try something new, like rock climbing, and when she reaches the top you can be there waiting on bended knee.

If money is no object then you might want to really spoil her. Take her away for a surprise weekend away to somewhere like the Barossa Valley or Margaret River and stay in a cosy bed and breakfast. Propose one evening while you are out to dinner, or go for a walk somewhere with beautiful scenery. You may even want to go away for a week and take her to a luxury resort where she can relax and be pampered. Not only won’t she forget your proposal she won’t forget the whole week. For something a bit closer to home take her to the most expensive restaurant in town, just make sure you book well ahead.

If she’s not the kind to get embarrassed by public displays of affection then why not go public with your proposal. Take out an ad in the local newspaper asking her to marry you, then casually leave it lying around where she will find it. Take her to see a movie and when the ads play at the start have one from you, whether it be a still ad or a short video clip of you proposing. Ring a local radio station that you know she listens to and ask her via the airwaves.

Think outside the square and go for something a little more unusual. If she works in an office building have the window cleaner stop outside her window with a sign asking her to marry you. You could buy yourself a parrot, teach it to say “will you marry me”, then finally show her your new pet and it’s clever repertoire.

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